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2015 the Half-Year Review... the A.N.D. Wrap-Up Dj Tuc Style!!!!

Well to start off 2015 has just been a blur, because time seems to be zooming by at light speed and people that are familiar with me folks —“ know I like to stay busy!!” The year is half gone already so being the A.N.D.’s urban journalist I am, I just had to fill my readers in on what’s been going down in and   around the city and beyond. “Time flies when you’re having fun” remember that phrase? If this is so and I’m not here to debate it, but just maybe I’ve been indulging in a little bit of fun perhaps. Hey I work six days a week, so a brother has to un-wind some kind of way to take the edge off.   Please allow me to share with you my first half of the year, from the A.N.D.   Dj Tuc perspective.                                                                             Premium Advertising Space                         Frankie Beverly and Maze slid through the Anderson Civic Center, back on 5-24-15 of which I had the pleasure of being invited t