2015 the Half-Year Review... the A.N.D. Wrap-Up Dj Tuc Style!!!!

Well to start off 2015 has just been a blur, because time seems to be zooming by at light speed and people that are familiar with me folks —“ know I like to stay busy!!” The year is half gone already so being the A.N.D.’s urban journalist I am, I just had to fill my readers in on what’s been going down in and  around the city and beyond. “Time flies when you’re having fun” remember that phrase? If this is so and I’m not here to debate it, but just maybe I’ve been indulging in a little bit of fun perhaps. Hey I work six days a week, so a brother has to un-wind some kind of way to take the edge off.  Please allow me to share with you my first half of the year, from the A.N.D.  Dj Tuc perspective.

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 Frankie Beverly and Maze slid through the Anderson Civic Center, back on 5-24-15 of which I had the pleasure of being invited to attend by a well-respected and classy female companion. I need not disclose her name because she would probably tell me- “ Tuc that’s not important” but nevertheless  we had a wonderful time from beginning to end, and I thank her. Less I not forget there was one little snafu, that kinda got a brother hot under the collar before the show began. It was assumed to be promoted by J.J. Solomon since he and a roadie partner of his held up traffic upon entering the “Civic Center Parking Lot” charging ten dollars per car for otherwise free parking on the premises of the Center adjacent to the auditorium itself. How low will the former 107.3 Jamz Mr.7’O Clock promoter sink to make a quick buck, but I digress.

A.N.D. famed Photography Dante Holloway chillin as usual!!


K.G. and Bo,Bo,Bo, James hold it down at the Maze show..

Go Ladies!!!

Nuttin Like that Ole Skool love in action yall!!


The show was excellent, on the featured ticket was the “Matter Of Fact Band, Klass Band (Sugar Shack song)”comedian Bo Pete, and headlining was the timeless Frankie Beverly and Maze. Hosting the event that evening, was the, outrageously loud, comedic, very boisterous at times, 1073 Jamz  “Old School Sundays” personality the Lovely Big O. The beautiful Rhonda Rawlings also from Jamz presented Ms Big O with flowers during the show to welcome her back to her Sunday show at the station. All in all the show was a success, and all ticket holders from around the upstate of SC to Ga were thoroughly entertained the whole evening. My included pictures and video inside this article is more than enough proof! Check’em out?  Now moving right along to another outstanding show venue that yours truly was invited too, was the Mike Epps Comedy Tour Show. Held at the Bons Secours Wellness Arena (formerly the Bi-Lo Center) on 4-4-15. I had the pleasure of traveling with fellow A.N.D. Dj Jocks, Dj Fresh and Dj T-Rock. We arrived early with the rest of the stage crew riggers, to make sure we had plenty of time to set up our equipment on stage. And also to correct any unforeseen last minute gear problems if any may arise unexpectedly before showtime. This is a method professional jocks utilize in order to have your sets go off without a hitch when playing a show of this magnitude.  

Dj T-Rock and Dj Fresh..two of the Best A.N.D. professional Jocks in the city...

Mike Epps doing his damn thang!!

 The arena is located right outside of downtown Greenville, SC and list its maximum seating capacity for a concert at just a little over 15,000. You can clearly see why we arrived so early because when you’re on a stage with possibly that many people in the audience it is paramount you have your Djing or emceeing game tight. In the house that night Mike Epps was joined by the insanely hilarious Bruce Bruce, and Gary Owens of BET’s Comic View fame. Yes the A.N.D. Jocks were on display on the “BiG Stage” approximately 20 feet from center stage where each comedian performed. DJ Fresh and I laughed so hard during Bruce Bruce’s set he had to turn, and look over at us. I was saying to myself “I hope he doesn’t start snapping on us!” Everyone knows when you’re on stage that close to legendary comedians, you are a target, and fair game for off the cuff jokes. Again check the pictures I shot. The Mid-Day Mommie Kelly Mac and Tone Hollywood both popular local radio host, assisted in introducing Mr. Epps to the Update sojourners who came out to chuckle and maybe bust a gut with the side splitting crew of comics. Of course yall I represented the A.N.D., just check out the shirt I was sporting.

Bruce Bruce looks over bc we were laughing so hard on stage...(LOL)

The show was a blast, I met Mike and Bruce when they exited the stage, and both brothers were really down to earth I must say. Fellas can I say there were so many sexy ladies as far as the eye could see literally, remember I had a bird’s eye view when looking from the stage. If you missed this show hopefully you will catch him whenever he comes back to the upstate because Mike Epps is crazy funny. My next up date of the year so far, is not about a show, but about a relative young fresh musical recording artist that goes by the name Ty Ali. He epitomizes the definition of the phrase “if you don’t grind you don’t shine.” I mention him because he’s truly an example of focus, dedication, perseverance, talent, humility, respect, knowledge of the business and drive all rolled into one. Every time I would bump into him he’s always promoting himself and his lyrical brand of music, which sets him apart from most of his contemporaries. He also styles himself as a print model and actor this young brother got skills and always gives me respect wherever we meet. In my opinion this kid is the rawest of talent, just view the impromptu freestyle we recorded when last we crossed paths. Big shouts out to Ty Ali keep doing you, keep it positive, and keep it original this is what divides the real from the copycat carbon fakers, more specific those lacking originality.


 My longtime friend and 90’s original South Movement productions partner Cool Chuck and I reunited for a wedding reception show at the VFW back in April. We showed all in attendance why we were still the original A.N.D. Southside funk veterans. He manned the wheels of steel, as I rocked the M.I.C… To conclude my first half of the year 2015 review, it wouldn’t be right without a little gallows humor to end this article on a good note. Folks I witnessed the A.N.D. veteran M.C./ Producer Correseptic  get his trade mark dreads wacked off at the barbershop which he as grown since the latter nineties. He was kind of squeamish that night about it at first, but then conceded it was time for a change. I joking told him “Busta Rhymes “had to crossed the same bridge and so did Ludacris with his braids, so now it was his turn. Everyone had a good time at Onpoint that night yall, trust me. Another nineties Veteran checked in at Onpoint( all the cities old skool vets seemed to have to stop by Big Kuntry Slicks studio) the one and only “BiG Biz” aka BiG John K from the group “Baddazzis” if you remember that once popular original Anderson rap duo. He heard a track I produced, liked it and asked to spit some lyrics on it. Of course I obliged him, how could I turn down a former A.N.D. self-proclaimed Veteran trill Baddazz folks.

Sept thinking hard about cuttin them 17 yr dreads off!! (LoL)

Dj/Producer Cool Chuck with myself,Sarge, Meechi old skool Southside Boyz from da hood...
BiG Biz da A.N.D. Veteran M.C. spits..

 Dj Tuc signing off with my A.N.D. 2015 six month wrap up, I hope you were greatly informed and shared a laugh or two along the way. What will the second half of the year hold, we just have to stay tuned with the only Dj followed by the nine’s..”djtuc999   Keep it positive yall!! Peace da A.N.D. Representa……..


  1. It was a pleasure rockin the crowd alongside my long time friend and brother DJ Tuc.Always there to lend a hand and offer his skills and give gems to help you grow in your art! Peace Tuc.....and the site is onpoint!!

  2. I want to commend DJ Tuc for keeping us abreast to what's going on in the upstate. I had an opportunity to attend the Frankie Beverly and Maze concert held at the Anderson Civic Center. I dont know what I enjoyed most, the concert or the intelligent, enthusiastic, respectful man by my side. ..lol. DJ Tuc is all about keeping us informed. He is connected and engaged in the community and doesn't mind sharing with us. Please continue to do what you do to keep us informed. I am in full support of your work. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the support Cool Chuck and Patrice40 I appreciate peeps like yall so much..So many people are finding out about the site but seem not to comment, but I keep it positive, brush my shoulders off, and keep reppin & working. Don't they know "that a person who shines from the inside does not need the spotlight."... 2015 & the crabs in a barrel mentality is alive and kicking.. Thanks again for the display of 9Luv so much...peace Tuc

  4. I like the site its so kool bro!!

  5. Greetings from the Sunshine State. I appreciate your voice in this now so popular social media industry. Your are truly an inspiration. Thank you for your dedication in keeping us informed with the ever evolving events of society. You are a Special Guy keep your Spark!!! :-)


  7. knowledge is power, you cant know if you dont first seek the answer just a few words of wisdom from a mentor motivator driving force behind his city DJ Tuc sparked an ambition in my career thanks Tuc keep doing your thang. King Dezel

  8. D.J. T-ROCK Hanging Out With DJ TUC AN DJ FRESH 3 Of The Hottest DJ's In The Up State Keepin It Hot In The Up State To All The DJ's Around The Way Keep Doing Your Thing That's How We Do It Got To Give Thanks To DJ TUC For All U Do An Done For Me An All The Other DJ's In The Up State An To Franky Jammin J. If It Wasn't For Him I Wound Not B In The Game So Much Luv To Frankie Jammie J.

  9. Always a pleasure vibing with the one and only DJ TUC. We go way back in the 80s to the breakdancing and beatboxing when rap was REAL. I respect my brothers grind, hip hop runs deep in this brothers viens much love and respect STAY UP! RODD

  10. Keep it going, keep it true, keep it real...right knowledge 4 life!


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