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Has Fake Become The New Real-ness? .. You Decide!

Facebook Or Fakebook Written, Conceived & Produced By Dj Tuc   The argument and mistakes of those claiming true and what to lookout for will be the theme of this piece. In light of various circumstances which maybe my ancestors seem to guide me through as I walk upon my spiritual path. Lately my third eye sees a lot of folks appear to have hurricane fever, no relation to Irma or Harvey . Destructive mentalities is the symbolism here. I observe so much negative distasteful conflict than positive within the digital social media ghetto network known as Facebook.  I make that analogy because just like in most ghettos through out America, you find people who aspire to be actors , models , rappers , star athletes , hood superstars , religious lay ministers , Imams , or even Rabbi’s depending upon the city or circles we travel in. The same can be attributed to social media.   Add a laundry list of Dope Boy Magic flashing guns , mac daddy attention seeking player’s