Has Fake Become The New Real-ness? .. You Decide!

Facebook Or Fakebook
Written, Conceived & Produced
By Dj Tuc

 The argument and mistakes of those claiming true and what to lookout for will be the theme of this piece. In light of various circumstances which maybe my ancestors seem to guide me through as I walk upon my spiritual path. Lately my third eye sees a lot of folks appear to have hurricane fever, no relation to Irma or Harvey. Destructive mentalities is the symbolism here. I observe so much negative distasteful conflict than positive within the digital social media ghetto network known as Facebook. 

I make that analogy because just like in most ghettos through out America, you find people who aspire to be actors, models, rappers, star athletes, hood superstars, religious lay ministers, Imams, or even Rabbi’s depending upon the city or circles we travel in. The same can be attributed to social media.  Add a laundry list of Dope Boy Magic flashing guns, mac daddy attention seeking player’s male and female, fork tongue duplicitous liars, so-called self help and marketing gurus and the list goes on & on like an Erykah Badu song I remember. Don’t get me wrong nothing is bad about setting goals and dreams that help encourage yourself or others to rise above life’s meager stumbling blocks regardless of external circumstances one is born into. But there must be solid strategy, a sound method to the madness. Why? Because if we fail to plan then we ultimately plan too fail.

Logo's of Social Ghetto's

When people ask my opinion I give my perspective based on experiences, evidence and sound reasoning from a point rooted in reality, not based on judgmental lower emotions. It appears in some twisted propagandized psychology, that Fake and disingenuous have become acceptable as the "New Real.'' Paradoxical in nature when you take a moment to think!  My social circle stays very small due to this very fact. Allow me to state my case with a couple of examples. We witness it all the time, people we love, family, friend’s etcetera ranting on social media about their belief in a particular brand of religion, GOD, JESUS, Yahweh, Allah against another whom would dare challenge their personal myopic religious opinion. I selected the term "opinion" purposefully because they have very little proof or confirmation of anything they live to die for.... or so they say. Good faithful folks battling one another over a doctrine that was passed down and taught to both since they were knee high. 

In most cases neither speaks nor translates the native language of his or her brand of faith only the English interpretation which was given them. A fruitless and futile pursuit but regardless at the end of the day what glares the most is they maintain plenty of faith but few facts. The blind leading the blind resulting in individuals claiming true, ever ready to argue, willing to die for something that possibly could be fake. So it’s safe to assess from this point just maybe some of these religious doctrines breed these fake close minded bias mentalities. Food for thought for the open minded right there.

If only some folks came with this sign..(Lol)

Another good example to cite is those special type individuals, that constantly repeat the familiar mantra as if mimicking that of a parrot, you guessed it” I always keep it Real or 100” they love to regurgitate with resounding glee in conversations with you. Forgetting to put you on notice, that in that very statement for some not all, it really translates as” I keep that facade only for the public, but in my private life I can be a dubious selfish narcissistic erratic person who is not to be trusted even in private. Reminds me of an old Dave Chappelle sketch referred to as “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong” for those that use to watch the Chappelle Show remember it well. 

Again the balance is struck “Claiming True but in actuality more synthetic than GMO seedless watermelons and grapes. We can even observe lost ones masquerading behind the cloak of appearing as “well meaning” info warriors who slave vociferously in the bowels of social media hell thriving like demonic opportunist wielding itchy trigger click and share fingers awaiting to promulgate the next negro minded negative content served up. Such as ghetto fights, folks bussing off shots from Hi-Powered rifles like Draco’s and AR’s in the direction of every and anything except their oppressor, even young girls twerking in videos for the almighty dollar. Behavior purported as "Keeping it Real right?" Nope, just ignorance rooted in the Bi-Laws of fakeness once again. 

None of us are perfect will be the defense or excuse for not taking responsibility for our own actions affecting our communities as a whole.  Social media has inflamed this crippling epidemic I personally feel. You see now every Jim Brown slash Sista  Souljah sound alike, can soap box rant, espousing their baseless emotionally charged opinions appearing to the uninformed as right and exact knowledge, gifting and gabbing to infect tens if not thousands of gullible well meaning easily influenced  minds. Facts stand the test of time, but an accepted truth with a flawed foundation will crumble under simple questioning. We had best start to question some of these online self-appointed purveyors of greater understanding. For it is your barometer, the equalizer to employ when discerning fact from fiction, real from fake, because actions will reveal what the mouth may not. This is only for the sincerest diligent inquiring minds not for the sound good folks, meaning those easily duped because something "Sounds Good" to the ear.

Try Speaking face-to-face the old skool way.

 If we are to begin to cure ourselves of this rampant mental illness, we must start to put our issues and differences on the table then come together physically (commune) and discuss them utilizing strictly facts no political alternative correctness but not before we divest ourselves of our opinions, emotions, egos and defeatist attitudes. These aforementioned road blocks tend to taint the purity of mind and clear vision we seek to attain, that is if we really want the truth and nothing but truth. Social media is a great tool for promoting, marketing products, staying in touch with out-of- town family and or friends, I use it for the above mention things quite often. Remember ’its only a tool much like a book of matches which can be used to start a fire to help cook food, but dependent upon the user it can also be utilized to burn someone’s house down. The point is, its all in how we use it.

But what it is not good for, is being a substitute for settling disputes, debates, airing dirty laundry, resolving personal conflicts in an online open-air free-for-all forum. Complete with cheerleaders on both sides fueling and instigating the mayhem via the comment section. New technology does not equate to responsible mature behavior; in fact, it exacerbates just the opposite. We are not all going to agree in this new world of hi-speed propaganda and misinformation, let’s be honest, let’s be real. Most feel not the necessity to even take time to research enough to distinguish real news from fake news, see there’s the paradigm of fakeness and realness again. But we should be able to at least agree an elect to sit down face-to-face and civilly air out our grievances in private instead of defaming one another publicly. Serving only to reinforce negative stereotypes portrayed of the urban community daily and on T.V. with popular rated shows like “Empire”. This proposed independent observational fix is not foolproof, it would be asinine to infer such, but it just may be a good start and a viable workable solution to a wide spread ever pervasive looming issue called the FAKE-NESS!!!

If you are not apart of the solution, then you may be apart of the problem. THINK ON THAT!

As always any and all comments are welcomed below..

Peace Dj Tuc da Real-ness A.N.D. Representa aka Anpu

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  1. One of the reasons I use Facebook is to laugh, have fun and converse with my friends and family. I don’t use it to get worked up or stressed out over something I see that I disagree with. There’s enough political and religious coverage in the mainstream media. More than enough. One the other hand, dialogue to some is necessary and debates are healthy, even when it’s ugly. People need to feel heard…we are all seeking answers. We’re all looking for solutions to the problems that we face in our world.

    1. Thanks Ms Hawthrone for the support & comment..This article was intended to spur dialogue and shake the tree a bit of the conscious and unconscious minds, in hopes to gets folks asking questions & researching again.

  2. Hey Mr.Tuc you brought up some good points in this provocative write up, but I see some of those points you made, your more than just an average Dj fella huh!(Lol) Lady Q

    1. Facts are most times provocative Lady Q in this day & time, and because of this its easier to stay in our comfort zones, worried about what others will think. Some may say they don't but they do. Thanks for the comment, nothing but love here. Tuc

  3. Damnn U broke dat ish down then put it back together with da Realness! Sum people will get it & some will not want too bro real talk.

    1. If it got you thinking my mission was accomplished. Thanks humbly Tuc

  4. I agree about with about 70 percent of your argument in this read the other 30 is debatable, I love your writing style though Mr A.N.D. Representa. Keep doing it positive sir. Angeli J. da Boss Lady

    1. I'll take 70 percent over zero percent. A lot of Boss ladies nowadays.(Lol) On the real Thank you Sis.. Tuc

  5. DJ Tuc,
    I can indeed more than applaud your efforts in such a well constructed observance of "Our" society as we experience its seemingly decline towards the positive uplift effect in brotherhood, to the mere mind slaughtering mentality clinching to the soul numbing negativity brought forth by the impurities of lies and deceit through social media, thinking an evil can be a good (possible if used Reasonably and Responsibly) if the proper overstanding isn't well developed. Conforming to so called Popular Demand (modern technology, new information, etc) with out the pure sense of knowing what we are being invited to can cause what may be an irreversible condition, which there were quit a few covered in your article. I found this one sir, pleasing to the mind, from a well tuned frequency... I salute you while I await the next.
    Stay Tuned as we continue to Commune. Peace


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