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Who or what is Johnny Angells and Why I Believe he's got Downtown Jumping again...

The Anderson downtown nightlife scene has really exploded over the last three to four years and most of this explosion can be credited in-part to a bar slash dance bar called “ Johnny Angells ”.   Located at 126 N. Main St . Anderson smack dab in the heart of the new downtown Anderson bustling business district. I had been invited to come check it out several times in the past, but never made the time due to other pressing engagements. But as time finally would permit I finally ventured out recently to see what all the hub bub was about. Was all the hype fact or fiction, or just manufactured hyperbole? I’m elated to report in an unbiased fashion that the folk’s downtown lived up to the good Saturday night accolades they seemed to have accrued over the last couple of years.   They have really gone out to attract a diversified audience of patrons to Anderson’s weekend downtown crowd, by providing an array of DJ’s for their Saturday Dance Parties such as Dj Fresh ,