Tha A.N.D.'s Greatest Misses (Listen & Comment)

Coming soon yall I will be posting local artist from all around the city and you will get a chance to weigh in on what I have called for years the ''A.N.D's Greatest Misses"first labled as Hits in early 2000. Meaning good joints that should of hit but people slept on the artist. What makes the "A" so different to me is that we have so much talent with diverse styles doing, Hip Hop, Crunk, Dirty South etc.This section gives the artist some feed back on their songs and the opportunity for the people to comment on the records or artist you would like to hear more of. If any local area artist (Belton,Clemson,Starr,Williamston, etc,) would like their material posted for feed back, there will be a small fee involved. But just the opportunity to let the city hear what you got & get genuine feed back is priceless yall. Whats Hot Whats Not? You decide..... NOW STAY TUNED ITS COMING SOON...Update: As promised the " A.N.D. music flavors are now on deck" now show some love by taking a listen & or download if you like to support ya peeps yall...

K-Trick-E-Look Good "A.N.D. Caprices"

 Kaiotic ft.Bohagon-Hop in the Bucket (video on you tube)


 BiG Kuntry ft. Gold- Dreaming (Laid Back)


D Lovely-Living it Up **Hot Female Artist**(video on you tube)


 Correseptic- Amazing


Carolina Clic ft. Smoke-That's Candy


Da Luga ft. Rah Eastwood-Cummin for ya Head


Chadroc ft 4-4 Water, Bohagon- Number One (video on you tube)


BiG Yank- Come Out

G.Q.-Got No Swagg


 Gutta Brothaz-Weight Muzic (video on you tube)


OnPoint Allstars- Choppin Hard (Recorded Live Underground Classic)

BiG Bizness-Unexpected Visit


Been Benson aka "Sword Fish"-Runaround

 Slum Prophets ft. BiG Bizness (aka BiG John)- U Don't Know Me

Sev7en-Dats Why I'm the King




Dj Tuc introducing Lil Trouble- The Trouble Free Style Mix

Inches-Think about the Time


Nastee-Ridin Slow


Pee Wee ft. Prafessa- Throw it up


Levi Stress-Legend in the Making (Classic A.N.D hip hop Produced by Dj Phat)


Monica Notes-Work It Out (X Rated Mix) **Hot Female artist**


Onpoint Assassin's- The Onpoint Lyrical Attack (RAW)


Darksyde-The Plot ft. Prafessa (Orignal Mix) (ThrowBack Underground Classic)

Showintell-Put Your Click Up (Hot female artist)

 NashBone,Ricky Joe, Corresept-Stuck Up  **A.N.D. Classic Street Heat** 


Rashad aka Slim (frm Baddazzis)-Its Alright (non-fiction music)


South Drama Click ft. 4-4 Water-Check


Dok Webb-Strugglin (Based on a true Story) **A.N.D. Underground Classic**


BPM-Love Defining Music (The Other Side of Life)


Tre Stylez feat. Esko -Go Hard (Dub Town aka Williamston)

BiG Will ft. Dj Tuc - Baby whats your name (RNB Singer)

Rah EastWood - Switch

Tony Tone - Swaggin Daily (frm da Ville)

KTS Entertainment - Hood Nigga's ft. Corresept, Geechi Black,Kaiotic,Prafessa, Lil Cuzo, Shad

Chadroc ft. Dudie - In the Building (2013 Tiger anthem)

Onpoint Allstars 2- We be Droppin (Hip Hop) ft. Raymond Francis, Playa Gold, Fred Flip Stones, Lake City Dom,

BLVD ft. Rah EastWood - Bonkaz

Barrs - Letter from my OG (Rules of the Game)

ROBB ft Doc Webb - Pimpin  (R&B) The Westside Reppin

Doc Holiday- Can't Let Her Go (Hot Throw back Joint)


  1. Big ups to DJ Tuk with the "ONPOINT LYRICAL ATTACK" check it out WE SPIT FIRE!!!

  2. big up to my homie dj tuk on point lyrical attack diamond gang packzz

  3. Whoever said we dont spit dem lava flows in da A.N.D. obviously haven't heard Onpoints Lyrical attack above or Da Luga,Rah Eastwood record "comin for ya head" just for starters..Check em out yall!!!!

  4. what up tra styles checking in thanks for the love on that go hard song dj tuc go hard is what the fans love everyone check it out thanks

  5. it go hard like the my sis cookies this song Cameron Baker

  6. young nadi checking in Southside in da buildn shout out to big Tuc on da 1"s n 2$ cheeaa n on point productions cuttn up ya digg

  7. This is Candy Girl you CAN find ME ON Face Book yall...This is for ROBB aka Robin Wansley this is your biggest fan Candy Girl you can hit me up the next time you touch down in the city...YEAH i KNOW u BEEN (PIMPIM)YOU KNOW WHO IT IS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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