Mumble Free Pt.2 Is a Hit---SKILLZ ARE BACK IN 2020!!!

BREAKING: The New Mumble Free Dj MixTape Released 1/10/20 (Downloads steadily increase In Only 24hrs)

Mumble Free Pt.2 (Skillz & Bars) Mix (Explicit Lyrics Mature Audiences Only) is the long-awaited sequel & second installment that is dedicated to TruSkool fans of real Hip Hop worldwide. This time I take you on a roller-coaster ride with notable hip hop icons who release new dope tracks yet as usual got no mainstream love on these so-called new hip hop shows or disregarded by a lot of this new plethora of offbeat non-mixing mumble rap Dj’s.  

Dj Tuc Summer 2019

I also unleashed a couple of joints from dope up and coming new conscience artist that are presently making a lot of noise reviving the art of lyrical & poetic skills in Upstate SC. Metcalf The God and Selah Blak Sol. Of course, I delivered classic hip hop gems here & there from the golden era throughout the duration of this mix. In conclusion this almost an hour & a half long ride can definitely be enjoyed by real hip hop heads of all walks of life, from the US to the UK and over to the Far-East

We all have one thing in common, we love lyrical flow and blazing booming boom bap beats served up with a classic TruSkool Dj format. On this edition this is precisely what you’re going to get. The Real Last Forever. Hope you Enjoy welcome to 2020. Peace Dj Tuc 


  1. Maan I never heard of Anderson South Carolina when it comes to Dj's but you are hella Dope!! Justin Wilson

  2. Dj Tuc you are in my opinion the only real Dj left in the whole city of Anderson meaning who still spins the way you play bro its like you are giving a class when I heard you play. Keep the real hip hop dj style alive man. Enjoyed the mix too. Jeffrey G.

  3. Looooog live real hip hop music and Djs like you I loved this mix because they (Djs) don't mix like this anymore bro. VA checking in.............

  4. DJ TUC 999 TRUSKOOl

  5. U have the art & Kraft


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