What Resident A.N.D. AUTHOR Landed in The XXL Rap Mag? (BUT YOU MISSED IT!)

Two years ago in conjunction with Break-Time entertainment I honored a lot of my entertainment peers in the city of Anderson. There were awards given, pictures taken and the whole nine yards as they say, it was a success to say the least and I titled it “ The A.N.D.’s Most Wanted Movers and Shakers Labor Day Weekend Event”. The reason I recap this unprecedented moment in time is due to the fact that if you go back and read the award recipient list for that special-nite, you will see that the notable mention honoree’s includes this brother named Raymond Francis.

Mr. Francis is a writer/publisher who resides in Anderson of whom I had the pleasure to meet some years back being he’s a huge fan of classic quality Hip-Hop from the era of lyrical giants such as Nas, Outkast, Jay-Z, and Scarface much like myself. I became so impressed with his work and just as a person over-all I went on to feature this brother in an article spotlight in February of 2013 classifying Raymond Francis as a “literary Phenom” partly due to his vast independent book selection available on amazon that most people in the city of Anderson have never heard of, or maybe have and just refuse to acknowledge his writing acumen as a local African-American book publisher. 

But of course I couldn’t let his latest unsung achievement over the summer of 2015 go unnoticed, because what type of A.N.D. journalistic Representa would I be? I make it my business to highlight the various talented individuals from my city or that may reside in my city, who attempt to provide an alternative positive example that’s helping to combat the negative images seen frequently of young African Americans in the Andersonindependentmail newspaper, or seen as the top story of Fox Carolina’s evening news. I challenge these media outlet types to try to cover more of us in the urban community doing positive things if you are reading this article.  

We need more urban voices that reflect the positive movers and shakers and Mr. Francis definitely qualifies as one because he popped up in a  well respected publication such as XXL magazine that featured Meek Mills and Rick Ross on this edition cover as seen in the posted pictures above. Raymond Francis is a talented excellent writer of which I told the city years back, not to mention he’s an overall kool down to earth type guy on a personal level. Nobody was listening then but I bet they will take notice now! To all those side-line haters now is the time to chill where the cooler is…Keep up the good work and welcome to the A.N.D. Ray.--------- Peace Dj Tuc

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