Nice and Easy -- The Blueprint of How Loungin Can Turn a Dream Into a Reality!

20/20 and BiG Kuntry Slick pose together for this pic..

There’s a new Nice and Easy place in town, a new sweet spot to lounge for the grown folk if you will. If you like the sound of that keep reading? Most times many people and businesses in the past have boasted of catering to a mature adult atmosphere, accompanied with all the fancy colorful flyers to follow. But Ricky Washington whom also goes by the name “Slick” who hails originally from the Volunteer state of Tennessee apparently does not push hyperbole, nor needs flyers with scantily clad Big Bootie’s splashing on the covers to attract an audience. 

Slick stands in front of his infamous "Wall of Fame"!!

A.N.D. music Vet K-Trik-E is always found supporting positve local functions around the city.

He relies on a simple tried and proven formula, and it’s called providing people with good hot wings, good service, a relaxed clean drama-free environment, and the people will come. Slick’s keep-it-simple”” formula has been the fuel that has propelled his brain-child known as the “Nice and Easy Lounge” to early success after being launched in the fall of 2015 via his business Face Book page. Nice and Easy is a “Nice and Cozy” spot nestled right-off 801 S. Murray Ave located in the South-East Anderson district of the Electric City ala the A.N.D. After first encountering Slick years ago as I recall, he’s always been an up-beat brother with a comedic personality and the heart and soul of an entrepreneur. He is also been known in the past to take his comedic talents on the road doing stand-up from the Carolina’s to Atlanta Georgia. And let’s not forget this brother owns and operates a cleaning business appropriately   titled “We Clean For You” clearly solidifying his spot as a top urban independent entrepreneur in the community.

Slick chilling with BKS and renowned Anderson Book author Raymond Francis...

He brings all of that talent to the table “figuratively and literally” when transforming his hustlers spirit into a down home southern experience when personally serving his customers. He’s recreated that old skool cafΓ© and lounge feeling that your aunts or uncles used to talk about, complete with twenty-first century Hi-Def big screen TV’s, adding just the right twist with a nice balance of contemporary grown folks music in the back drop on select-nights.

Recently late last year Slick with the help of his tireless and dedicated girl-friend Keyona of whom he affectionately refers to as “Key” announced to the whole city of Anderson, wisely harnessing the power of social media, that the “Nice and Easy Lounge” would be hosting their Official Grand Opening on the night of November 27, 2015. I’m elated to admit he personally extended me an invite, so of course I grabbed my camera and took him up on the invitation.

Slick and his supportive girl-friend Key drapped in green and white wore all smiles during their Grand Opening..

Old skool Juke Joint flava right there!!!

 The whole kick-off was a successful venture I’m happy to report and all went off without the slightest hitch. Special guest that evening arriving in the A.N.D. from Tennessee was his father Jimmy and step-mother Eddy of which whom I had the extreme pleasure of meeting. I chilled most of the evening at a table with the OnPoint Productions crew with kats like,BiG Kuntry Slick aka Kenny Benson, Big Zack aka 2020, Dom Vlad, Lee Traffick aka Raymond Francis and Lonnie aka L. Boogie.  I also bumped into my longtime friend and supporter Harlem Dave who came out to show his approval also by kicking my butt royally on the pool table. (LOL)

Slicks Pops Jimmy and Step Mom Eddy pose for this quick pic..

Harlem Dave and his Son popped up to check out the Nice and Easy style..

If you decide to stop in and visit his establishment (which I highly suggest) please make sure before leaving that you perform the local ritual of signing your personal autograph on the “Wall of Fame”! You will see just what I mean if you decide to visit, it’s fun, very original, and you may recognize some noteworthy names from around the city. 

Liquid Potionz was in the House yall!!
Onpoint Chillin!!!""

C.E.O. of Onpoint Productions BKS aka Big Kuntry Slick and his ole Lady just hanging out!

Slick and his Pop enjoying themselves....

I guess there’s nothing left for me to say in this article except I personally thank you Slick for all your support my brother and I wish you continued success at making your dreams a reality. Now I’ll just let the pictures tell the rest of the story. Check out his Facebook page by clicking here if you would like to contact him for hosting or catering your next event.  A.N.D. support local businesses and most importantly support your own positive urban entrepreneurs.

Peace Dj Tuc as always the “A.N.D. Representa


  1. Wanna thank you again for the love brother tuc all your hard work and dedication to this article and in everything you do greatly appreciated

  2. No problem bro..I've always admired your go getta spirit and the fact I've never heard you knock the next man's hustle. U JUST DO U!!! Your Welcome anytime..Peace Tuc

    1. Yes sir I feel why hate just congratulate but once again thank you for your support also we having a big super bowl party extending my hand for you to come thru and anyone reading this article

  3. Thank you Tuc we greatly appreciate it.

    1. Hey thanks Key for checking in-and of course you and Slick are welcome. Keep them wings hot and the Haters Cold.(LOL)

  4. I highly recommend Nice & Easy Lounge 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  5. Thank you greatly appreciated ^^^^^

  6. The wings are really poppin, nice & easy! Lol

  7. The wings are really poppin, nice & easy! Lol

  8. Thanks k-trike-e greatly appreciated

  9. Thanks k-trike-e greatly appreciated


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