Favor Brings Back The Flavor ---With Authentic Soul Food Cooking in Anderson!!!

Whenever there’s a new independent small business that opens that I’m particularly impressed with in the Southeast-Anderson area. I tend to attempt to do my part to let others in the community and also statewide know about either the great food and or services or both that I received after my experience. Favor Home Cooking is one such establishment and might I add, that ever since my first visit I’ve been constantly singing it praises when I encounter other people around the city of Anderson. Call me old fashion but word of mouth marketing was always effective even before the Facebook era.

Some of the Lovely Ladies at Favor Home Cooking...

Favor home style cuisine is not new to those who may have patronized the Anderson County Country Club over the last year or so on Sunday evenings. This newly independent home cooking matriarchal up-start gained much notoriety with their affordable tasty meat and three soul food dishes. Of course when I employ this type verbiage images of delicious sides like mashed potatoes with gravy, cheesy macaroni, black-eyed peas, flavorful collard-greens and delectable steamed cabbage should have danced in your head. But if they didn’t by any chance, then I suggest you head on over to Favor’s immediately after reading this article, because its obvious you haven’t had a down home soul-food meal in a while. But I digress!!

Located in the Sunny South-East Anderson section of downtown Anderson..

They offer up a variety of meats Wednesday through Sunday, for starters like smothered pork chops, their crispy signature fried chicken, fresh flounder fish, beef stew and barbecue ribs are present on any given day. Upon my first dinning experience with them I’m happy to report they made me feel welcomed and the servers I encountered were friendly and all smiled as they filled my order. Nothing like a warm greeting when you order your food and receive a down home good old-fashioned taste of southern hospitality. Recently while there, it was said I resembled or “favored” (no pun intended) the comedian/actor Deray. Don’t know if that was a compliment just yet folks or just flattery, the verdict is still out? (LOL)

Side note to all the fellas, a couple of the food attendants are really easy on the eyes for what its worth, just thought to specify that small observation for whom it may concern but the focus of this article is the fabulous food and service. Let us keep that in mind for all my A.N.D. brethren! You can visit them at their new location in the downtown area of Anderson nestled between McDuffie St. and South Main St. right at 117 East Franklin St. Most may remember the building formerly as a Cuban restaurant and lastly it was known as a New Orleans themed location.

Brother Horace Alexander of Anderson's own Radio Station mywlas 95.3 FM and the city's famed photographer Dante Holloway checking in at Favor.

Favors has a nice relaxed dining room area, that seats a small to large party of patrons from up to 25 to 30 people at a time should you decide to bring the family out. But if you’re cramped for time during a lunch break no problem, because they offer carry-out during all their business hours of operation. In my opinion the prices are very competitive compared to other similar home-cooking restaurants in the downtown district of the Electric City. I won’t disclose any names nor indict other restaurants who claim to offer soul food around the city. But the Favor Home Cooking diner plays second fiddle to none by any means when it comes to great taste and value.

The Beautiful Dining Room Area at Favor

Business operating hours are from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday through Friday and 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday. Oh yes, before I forget to mention, they are also open on Sunday should you decide to dine with them for a post church meet and greet meal either with family, friends or clergy.

Service with a Smile folks....

In conclusion I have frequented Favors Home Cooking quite a number of times and enjoyed the first class service, the unique southern atmosphere they cater to, and of course the fabulous soul food aroma emanating from the kitchen. As they continue to grow, I hope in the near future to see them add a morning breakfast bar, featuring perhaps a choice of turkey bacon on the menu. Let’s keep our fingers crossed shall we? Outside of that small recommendation, I have nothing but great admiration and expectations for this small independent start up. Favors you are a welcomed addition to the South-East Anderson business landscape and the urban community as a whole. This is Dj Tuc wishing the staff and cooks at Favor Home Cooking nothing but success one delicious meal at a time.  

If you would like to leave a comment about your own experience while dinning at Favor Home Cooking please feel free below.

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  1. Nice article Tuc, I'm surprised people are not commenting because they have great food. Peace REGGIE

  2. Went there twice & eat time the food was very good..Rita

  3. Appreciate the comments from both of you and happy yall enjoyed the article.. Thanks Tuc

  4. Excellent article Mr.Tuc COMING from a said Dj/journalist (lol)..Gonna try Favor.Thanks will checkout more of your work. Dona Jenkins

  5. Wonderful post!! It is a nice place to have yummy food for get together parties. I have visited there various times and always had nice experience. Now I am thinking to host my birthday brunch party too at this event venue.

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