In the A.N.D..We Got The Jas!!!!

We got the Jas right here in the A.N.D. this month, yes you heard right and your eyes are not deceiving you! The jazz I speak of is young fly fresh and bold and goes by the stage name of Jasbizm or some just say JasB. Jasmine Brown captivated me from the first time I heard her after a friend of mine named Devontae introduced me to a couple of tracks featuring her on sound cloud. As I listened to her tough, profane rhyme style, hardcore attitude and lyrical skills which attracted my ears as musical magnets to her nostalgic flow reminiscent of other female hip-hop emcee flower legend’s like M.C. Lyte and Da Brat. To compliment her nasal voice the tracks were melodic and soulful such as the tracks Jedusa which she takes the listener on a ride about scandalous relationships and 9 to 5ers details how she likes to relax after a long hard week of work. Her vocal repertoire is on full display in the sing songie  record called "YOU"!   She is a young no holds barred type artist,  the type like back in the days of old,  when if you dared to grab the mic you best had real sh!t to say unlike that pre-packaged  commercial fluff  crap you hear on the radio 50 times a day  presently.


Jas is a 22 year-old emcee prodigy from Anderson, SC.(A.N.D. STAND UP!!!) Her love for music began at the age of 9, starting off playing the piano. Now ask yourself how many 22 year-olds rapping today that can actually play an instrument, this is why she excites me so much and stands out from the rest of the pack in the city.  Music has always been a big part of her life; taking up after her father who performs also. By the age of 12, Jasbizm started writing her own music. At the time she was known as Lady J. I spoke with her by phone and expressed how much she impressed me and that I would feature her talents on my website to help her gain more exposure. To say she’s talented is an understatement in my opinion, this young lady is very unique and over flowing with the right stuff, like creativity which I harp on so much with this young crop of new artist.  Most of my readers know that when they read my articles one of my pet peeves is this young generation of artist lacks originality and creativity in this sea of monkey see, monkey do, music industry.  Queen Latifah didn’t sound like M.C. Lyte, the Brat didn’t sound like Foxy Brown, and Little Kim didn’t sound like none of them. All of them had their on lane and all were proud to distinguish their craft from the rest. Do you see my point? Jas does this so naturally and effortlessly that’s why I had to help do my part to support her.


At the age of 14, Jasbizm started recording in a home studio ran by a close family member. She began making remixes to popular hip-hop and R&B songs and passing cds out to her classmates. She was recognized by her smooth and witty flow from battling emcees in and out of school. Battling is as fundamental to a emcee (not rappers) as learning to dribble a basketball is to a professional ball player. Receiving the love and support from her peers made Jasbizm pursue her music more. In 2012, Jasbizm released her first underground mixtape titled "Jasbizm", hence the name change from Lady J to Jasbizm. The mixtape featured remixes of her favorite songs, as well as custom songs written by herself. In the summer of 2013, she released her second mixtape titled "Blunts & Blessings". Followed by those releases were "Jasbizm + Friends" (December 2013) and "Blunts & Blessings 2" (February 2014). My home girl puts in work as she pays her dues, putting her on the path to success with her innate work ethic. Today, Jasbizm holds a fan base of local, non-local, and international fans. With the support of her fans, she continues to release music that touches their souls. She speaks of her music as being something that anyone can relate to, old or young. She is inspired by artist such as; Twista, Outkast, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Common, Dam Funk, and DJ Quik. When asked “How would you describe your brand of music and what sets it apart from your contemporaries” Her answer is as simple as this…. 

"The music I make has feeling. It has soul. People dig the vibe, because it’s the purest and realest you've ever heard in a long time. The feeling is real. It's hard to deny the phonk." 

   Make note she references Soul and PhonkFunk” and that’s places Jas B light years ahead of her peers “Old souls know Soul Music" Hey Jas bring back that soul in hip-hop we sorely need you & it right about now. Signing Out the A.N.D. representa since 96...Dj Tuc


  1. Jas b looks so young but is so very talented never heard of her but her style does remind me of the brat. Keep doing it jas the sky is the limit & thanks Tuc given Anderson artist a platform to be noticed.. Dj 2Skillz


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