Forever in my unending quest to bring the most cutting edge raw talent in the city of Anderson County which you probably are aware of by now which, I often refer to as the initials A.N.D, which is nothing new if you have kept your ears to the street. But I digress on that point for the moment to  bring you something that is extremely refreshing and brand new if I may say so myself at this time. I always make it a priority to give love and support to the ladies around the city that are setting trends, trail blazing in whatever field of business or entrepreneurship that they may excel in. Ladies and gentlemen (haters not included) it brings me overwhelming pleasure to shine the talent spotlight on a young sister by the name of Roshanda (Kiki) Brawner better known as Ms. RKayBee if you frequent Youtube like I do in my spare time for sampling the local artist cuisine from the city wide buffet of talent here in Anderson.

Ms Brawner  is a young videographer phenom that in appearance  is small in stature, which can be very deceiving, plus add in her unassuming persona, and her immense gifted talent behind a 1080p High Definition camera. Trust me its lights out quickly for those who sometimes sleep on appearances when it comes to “KiKi” folks. How do I know of such things you may be wondering right? Because that’s exactly what happened to me as my recollection would have it, recounting my first encounter when stumbling upon the CEO & Chief editor of RKayBee Productions while at my job. I always tell people things happen for a reason whether you recognize it at that very moment or not. And in this case as fate would have it I was checking out a Jugg Money video (Teach You How 2 Jugg) while on the job and she walks in. To make a long story short I never fathom that she was the young woman that actually shot and edited this vid. I was like WOW you’re the woman who shot this video and I knew at that very moment she was a rare pearl in this sometimes filthy oyster  of a business we call entertainment. Her work and achievements as a videographer spans and includes but not limited to such projects as Basketball Promo commercials forLegacy Charter School, as aforementioned she filmed the video for the up and coming A.N.D. rap artist  Jugg Money entitled “Teach You how 2 Jugg”, commercials for “Virtuous Salon & Spa” filmed rapper Killz video “Inner Thoughts”, rappers Young & Foolish, Pretty A1 $h#%-Twerk, KMilla Dance Choreography video, rappers Jer-zey Boys - Aint no stoppingShawn McCoy, Yard Boyz video “Top Flo” and to top that impressive list off she filmed the live performance of Atlanta based Rapper Future onstage when he touched down in the A.N.D back in 2012. Checkout her youtube channel for all her tireless work mentioned above.

 She has a small build  to her frame maybe around a 5 foot 5 build, petite nice looking as well, but her talent is highly concentrated and she wields a mean cam when it’s time to shoot and take care of business. RkayBee Productions is based out of Anderson, SC and offers full service to the public with a desire to provide local artists and clients with professional, dependable, and affordable production services. They specialize in a wide variety of visual media including special events, festivals, concerts, recitals, business promos, music videos, commercials, short films, plus much more.  They can capture and bring your events to life!  For serious customers only give Ms. RkayBee  the opportunity to cover all your production needs! For more info contact her at or LIKE her on Facebook at The A.N.D Representa The Vet Dj Tuc Reporting Live...


  1. I LOVEEE IT !! S/o Dj Tuc !! #RKBP

  2. Hey Ms KiKi you are so welcome, its time we celebrate the many talented ladies in the A.N.D. and you are the first sista that came to mind. You shot and edited jugg money's first video if Im not mistaken and did a superb job. Salute to the women..GO LADIES!!!!!!

  3. This girl is the truth...shout out from your cousin Kendall from New Jersey.

  4. DJ Tuc thanks for featuring this young queen. She definitely deserve it. She work hard and she's very professional. It was a pleasure to work with here on "The Poetry Cypher" that i was blessed to be a part of. Tuc you're legendary and you recognize legendary talent. One love. Alpha King Out....

    1. Rico just saw your comment brother, thanks for all the accolades, you've been knowing me for quite sometime now. I remain humble in all that I do, and I just consider myself an average kat that attempts to do not so average things in my city. You guys are why I do what I do and without all of you there would be NO djtuc website, NO djtuc apps NO-thing for me to write about. Thank you and MsRKayBee for the positive is so humbling and what motivates me 4sho!! Peace Tuc


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