EXCLUSIVE---What Dj From da A.N.D. Is Chillin With Legends Like Dj Jazzy Jeff?

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If there ever was a guy to be labeled as an unsung Dj icon from Anderson who played a significant role in the earlier stages of my musical upbringing. 

This enigmatic guy by the name of N’gai Christopher Wardlaw comes to my mind immediately. Many are unaware of him and the powerful influence he made in my life and the hip hop comradery we shared as youths.  Good chemistry is a valuable asset in any situation, Job, friendship, relationship on forth into marriage so it is said. So why not in the area of music, entertainment, and Dj-ing right? During this introspective glimpse back into a pivotal moment of my life I share some insight inside this article on one of the A.N.D.’s top early talented and prolific Dj's that probably most are not familiar with. The Jam Master Dj Hi-Five hails originally from the West-side of the city of Anderson, straight off the hard knock block of Owen’s Dr. during the latter 80’s.
Jam Master Dj Hi-Five

We met by a strange twist of faith I guess some would say, please allow me to give a bit of context in order to give you an idea of how these turn of events would go on to manifest back then. The story goes as such! I would visit my beloved grandmother on the weekends, which as my past recollection would have it, she happened to be related to the Wardlaws of Owens Dr. on my Daddy’s side or vice versa. Forgive me folks if my memory appears to be somewhat clouded on this subject, you have to remember I was in my early teens during this time. But that’s not really important at the moment, but what is, is how Dj Hi-Five and M.C. ADE would eventually partner up and form. I would spend much time on that road due to the fact it was only two streets over from my grandmother’s house. N’gai and I drew on our family kinship initially only to find out in due time we both shared a deep love for this “Fly Girl” named hip-hop! Yeah that pun was intended yall, because that actually use to be the name of a hit record by a group referred to as the Boogie Boys. True story!

 Look it up because true skool heads KNOW, but I digress. We spent much time going back and forth to this dudes house who brought all the dope records, cloths, hats, B-Boy styles that nobody else would have back then. He made the dopest mixtapes on (TDK, BASF Chrome & Metal Tapes) and showed us the first pair of Technic 1200 turntables that our eyes had ever seen, I mean other than on music videos on T.V. folks. Yeah you laugh now, but back then that was the equivalent of seeing Justin Bieber shopping in the Anderson Mall. It just wasn’t the norm in those days. So who just was this mysterious and influential figure we looked up too? None other than the tall subdued colored Lee Jean suit, Kangol wearing renowned B-Boy mixologist from Dooley St.--- Dj ANDREW GOOSBY!! We love you bro.

Myself and Dj Andrew Goosby 2013

 Based on growing-up in a climate of Golden Era hip hop, listening to REAL cassette mixtapes this naturally intrigued and motivated us to attempt our hand at forming a rap duo. There shortly after in the womb of the hallowed halls of McDuffie High, the name Dj Hi-Five and  ADE was conceived. And how did I get my name as A.D.E. you may ask? By none other than my Miami Vice dressing classmate J.O. known as one Jamal Oliver.

 There it is, the short background version of how far we go back and again why it doesn’t bother me to have microphone in my hand or in front of my face at a show to this day. I’m not certain for sure but I think Christopher aka Hi-Five name was influenced and derived by a Classic Mantronix record called “Fresh Is the Word.” Don’t hold me too it, but he’ll surely correct me if I’m wrong.

Hey JM Five blame my mind not my heart as the popular saying goes. I remember him best for harboring that insatiable love of music, especially Hip Hop Culture, Dj-ing, and still today he carries a huge respect for the Emcee icons and Dj’s icons who help shape us with their influences from mixtapes to vinyl records, on into who we are today as Dj’s. Legends like Jam Master Jay, may he rest in paradise, The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff, Dj Cash Money, Dj Tat Money, Marley Marl, Dj Magic Mike and Dj Red Alert just to name a few. While he now resides on the other side of the planet in Japan and has since become a proud family man I will never underscore the instrumental role he played personally in my life even up to this day.

Hi Five poses with the Legend Dj Jazzy Jeff..

 Any and all success that I have achieved in part, is due to him being the first dude to push and entrust me with a mic in my hand since high school. His baby sister Tisha use to often distract and annoy us at his house during our practice sessions much like younger siblings are prone to do. All in all we both have some great memories to always reflect upon coming up as boys and growing into the men we have become today. It’s so surreal folks when I ponder the thought that a guy from the A.N.D. (Anderson, S.C.) that I came up musically with and still kool with, now is taking pictures and chills with one of the best known Dj’s on the entire planet. 

The rapper turned actor Will Smith knows him as Jeff Townes but we bought their records as The Fresh Prince and Dj Jazzy Jeff. Not bad for a Dj who originally came from Anderson. I must admit as a fellow Dj my brother Tuc is still so envious when I look at that pic of you and Jeff. Ha! Ha! Much continued success in everything you do, I cannot describe the huge part you played in that segment of my life, during those moments we shared coming up as teens. But atleast I can show you how much it meant by penning this article about you. Dj Hi Five the one from da A.N.D. who hangs out with Hip Hop legends, now that’s an achievement I celebrate with you.

Peace M.C. ADE aka Dj Tuc aka da A.N.D. Representa

Dj Tuc is a well known legendary respected ground breaking dj, producer, promoter, remixologist, writer, freelance photographer, emcee,businessman from the city of Anderson,SC and is the founder and publisher of  djtuc999.com the website and djtuc999 the mobile apps which are available on Google Play  and the Apple app store also visit our Official facebook page at Facebook/Djtuc999TheMobileApp.com and djtuc999TheMobileApp Podcast is now Live in the iTunes Store.


  1. Just read the article maan you are are a good writer Tuc, back in school you were always in to rap music. Proud of you bro, shining from McDuffie thats whats sup..James Evans

    1. Thanks I just do my best & try to keep it positive. Appreciate your comment..

  2. Yo what up Tuc I see you on the move with apps, articles, influential people, its about time nigga's started giving you your props..My moms even reads your stuff bro. Fuk dem haters! DO WHAT YOU DO MAAN keep it postive! Ya man BiG Joe from da country.


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