Local Comics Set The Stage a Blaze In da A.N.D..(Must See Video)

It was a cold wintry night outside on Dec 15, 2017, but on the inside of Anderson's popular Smokeshak Restaurant & Grill the stage was hot! I had the honor and privilege  of Djing a Def Comedy Jam styled comedy show hosted by Robyn Scott which featured a talented cast of local stand-up comedians..Here are just a few clips I was able to capture from a birds-eye stage view I was privy to in between a couple of sets.

This clip is not all of the great comedians who graced the stage  that evening only a few that I was able to shoot between dj-ing. The Smokeshak crew and staff is attempting to bring fresh talent, good food, a safe and entertaining  environment back to the city. They made me feel welcomed and so did all the comics not to mention the audience was all the way live folks! I tip my hat to the whole Smokeshak staff & crew for bringing forth something so sorely missing here in the entertainment sector of the A.N.D. Good Job Melvin and Stormy hopefully others will follow your lead..

Watch the clips below folks!

Peace da A.N.D. Represeta Dj Tuc

Dj Tuc is a well known legendary respected ground breaking dj, producer, promoter, remixologist, writer, freelance photographer, emcee,businessman from the city of Anderson,SC and is the founder and publisher of  djtuc999.com the website and djtuc999 the mobile apps which are available on Google Play  and the Apple app store also visit our Official facebook page at Facebook/Djtuc999TheMobileApp.com and djtuc999TheMobileApp Dj Mix Podcast now available in the iTunes Store.


  1. Nooooow er-body wants to be a comedian these days, why not in Anderson I guess. No knock on you Tuc bc I like your site bro, so don't get it twisted..Ya boi Dre

    1. No offense taken Dre, I love what I do & criticism comes with the territory.. Thanks 4 your comment..


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