Onpoint Gives Back To the Community In A Major Way Over the Weekend!!

Well now the official Onpoint Productions 10-year Anniversary Customer Appreciation Bash has come & gone and now in the annals of the South Main Street block party history books. If there is such a thing. I know what you’re probably thinking right, Tuc and his sarcastic journalism.  On April 29th 2017 Mr. Kenny Fredric Benson aka BKS (Big Kuntry Slick), did something that not a lot of African American young businessmen in Anderson can claim. He successfully hosted a community block party in the South-East Anderson district on a busy main business thoroughfare without any incident whatsoever.

Yes I overstand (standing over not under for inquiring minds) there have been many other folks that have done similar events in South-East A.N.D and this includes myself back in 2015 at the Greenly Institute known to many as South-Side Park. My point is though, how many have actually put on a block bash/party on S. Main St. that started at 3pm on a Saturday which continued well after 9pm. Envision party streamers, huge inflatable castle slides, four to five tents sprawled across a business strip parking lot in the heat of the midday. Now just add to that scenario a dj (myself) atop a 3ft high platform stage with 3000 watts of booming music pumping well into the night and the smell of food from a huge grill which permeated the atmosphere for miles. Again folks I stress this because this is like an eclipse of the sun, it just doesn’t happen that often if ever in this part of the electric city. I think we may have been the first actually to pull it off!

I repeat there were no reported incidents of violence at this laudable gathering as the newspapers and evening news seem to have a lust on reporting lately, about negative events that take place in the South East Anderson community district. There were children playing and dancing as were the adults, all having a ball and the time of their lives. We raffled off Beats by Dre. Earbuds, had a lip sync contest, dance contest, and we provided free food, water, soda’s, games etc etc. Kenny Benson took a special effort to make sure all the kids who participated walked away with a miniature gold trophy just for being brave contestants. There were no losers this day. He should be commended and thanked by all, that he would celebrate his ten years in business by giving back to the very same community that has supported him for a decade. Cars slowed down and people looked on at the event on S. Main as if they thought it might have been a carnival of sorts.

Thanks to long time A.N.D. recording artist K Trik E for checking in and sharing some words of unity and positivity with those who attended. My fellow friend and Dj by the name of Dj Smash pulled up on the scene later that evening and was kind enough to bring a brother a big bottle of water on this humid day. Shout out to Douglas Foshizaleo Smith for sharing his talents by getting busy on the grill all afternoon. Superb job Doug we thank you so much for donating your time. Special shouts out to Saddiyaa  Benson for bringing her camera talents to the table making sure those memorable moments were captured while the kids were having so much fun. This sista is definitely on Onpoint in my opinion! 

And to everyone I didn’t mention, (its a lot of yall) thanks you all for the support and time you rendered to Kenny and myself. We simply attempted to provide a positive image of black men, doing something good in the community by giving back. It wasn’t about money, fame, nor our ego’s its about coming together, laying a path by example and hoping others will follow. It was an honored and pleasure to be apart of this magnificent event working in tandem with the On Point Productions family.  Creating a legacy and controlling our own destiny is what intelligent people do! Duplicate that formula and you will always find yourself ON POINT in whatever you do.

Love yall Da A.N.D. Representa- aka Dj Tuc

Dj Tuc is a well known legendary respected ground breaking dj, producer, promoter, remixologist, writer, freelance photographer, emcee,businessman from the city of Anderson,SC and is the founder and publisher of  djtuc999.com the website and djtuc999 the mobile apps which are available on Google Play  and the Apple app store also visit our Official facebook page at Facebook/Djtuc999TheMobileApp.com



  1. Kenny Onpoint and that dude Tuc...Yall did real good thanks 4showing how U do..Linda Johnson

  2. Tuc I hate that I missed this one. But trust brother I see you still on top of things, apps, websites, djing,kicking knowledge the whole 999..Keep leading the pack.. Let'em hate & shit!!ya homie Big Chris

  3. It was my esteem pleasure to have witnessed such an event. This was something the community displayed appreciation of the encouraging efforts of business owners such as Kenny Benson. I for one, will be looking forward to the next.
    Best regards,


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