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Monday, May 22, 2017

Go Ladies "Exclusive" --- Celebrating an Anderson Food Service Legend..

In this SPECIAL "Go Ladies" Edition (originally posted on my Official app Fb Page) on behalf of djtuc999TheMobileApp &, and the whole City of Anderson (aka da A.N.D.). It brings me extreme pleasure to pay homage, respect & recognition to this local food service soul food legend who has served the urban community for over four decades from Church St. to W. Market St. faithfully. From tasty cakes to fish sandwiches etc. You inspired me & many others around the city when it comes to operating a successful business for so many years here in the city of Anderson.

 Thank you Ms. Dessie for the years of wonderful food and do enjoy your retirement. You have truly earned it. Upon your graceful exit you have definitely left an indelible impression of what hard work can achieve here in the urban community and beyond. I ask that you accept this small acknowledgement as a personal token of my gratitude and appreciation.    

Sincerly Dj Tuc aka anpu aka Da A.N.D. Representa

Dj Tuc is a well known legendary respected ground breaking dj, producer, promoter, remixologist, writer, freelance photographer, emcee,businessman from the city of Anderson,SC and is the founder and publisher of the website and djtuc999 the mobile apps which are available on Google Play  and the Apple app store also visit our Official facebook page at Facebook/



  1. thanks for good cooking and loving person love rodney dean

    1. And I approve that message Mr.Dean..Thanks for posting sir..Peace Tuc