When Culture and Good Music Collide---An Unforgettable Birthday Celebration is Born!!

Last weekend while most college football fans were getting together for one of the biggest college games of the year here in the upstate of South Carolina. Yeap you got it, The Clemson Tigers vs. the Carolina Game Cocks went down in Clemson, S.C. What most don't know is I'm a Carolina fan whether it be the Game Cocks or Panthers. But I'm not a fanatic (fan-addict, addicted, addiction) as you can plainly see it right there in the word but that's a side  issue.

Being absent minded that day I received a phone call reminding me that traffic would be heavy due to Saturdays game day  traffic. But all would end up just dandy little did I know before the evening would end thinking only at that moment about the dreaded bumper to bumper traffic.


Making my way through the city of purple and orange with tiger paws laced on almost every other vehicle on the road that day, I patiently waded through heavy traffic on my way to Seneca, SC. to play a surprise birthday party.  But this was not to be a typical birthday bash of which I'm accustomed.  Soon after my set-up people started to trickle in but what was so different this time, was people were so beautifully attired in  African cultural garb. I'm making this point here, because you seldom see African Americans (so-called Black People) in upstate S.C. proud to represent and tap back into their African cultural roots.  We all know the unsaid motto "You can be called African American just don't dress like it nor act like it." Whether we wish to admit it or not. Up until the earlier part of this year with  the premiere of Black Panther, years back the only time I would remotely see a brother or sister in African garb would be at church gatherings during black history month. Truth is Truth!

Being those who are close to me very well know I'm an extremely conscience brother that just happens to be a Dj by trade who has advocated  in the past and present the importance about knowledge of self and researching our roots for the actual facts. Many will vouch on my behalf to that fact. This is not an article but a just a small commemoration to everyone in that building that night in honor of Ms Rose Marie Vance. The energy was so positive, so much fun and divine love filled the air and dance floor.  These words are just a small memento of the gratitude to show how much they touched my soul that nite. When self-hating shadow people say black folks don't know how to act..THEY LIE, when they say we are all ashamed of out African roots THEY LIE. Proof everyone doesn't need a movie to be proud of who we are by nature is what I observed. The only bad thing about that night being my road manager and I didn't have our dasheki's shirts packed that evening. (Lol) Check the video below.

Peace Dj Tuc da A.N.D. Representa

Dj Tuc is a well known legendary respected ground breaking dj, producer, promoter, remixologist, writer, freelance photographer, emcee,businessman, blogger from the city of Anderson,SC and is the founder and publisher of  djtuc999.com the website and djtuc999 the mobile apps which are available on Google Play  and the Apple app store also visit our Official facebook page at Facebook/Djtuc999TheMobileApp.com and djtuc999TheMobileApp Podcast is now Live in the iTunes Store.  


  1. Tuc that's where you excel over others as a Dj because you da only Dj that highlights stuff like this in anderson.You and Kevin are like a dynamic duo plez keep reppin for A.N.D.& not los Anderson bc everybody not lost bruh. Johnny Thompson

    1. Thanks for the support bro we do our best and a good analogy also.


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