The Million Dollar Funk-Fest 2015---Rocks the City of Belton and Beyond!!!

When it comes down to who is the most influential old skool semi-retired veteran dj and historical African-American Anderson radio personality, FrankieJamminJay tops the list in my opinion beyond any doubt. He recently hosted his bi-yearly huge extravaganza known to the city and surrounding counties, as the “Million Dollar Dj Reunion” that he personally founded and established well over two decades ago. In case you haven’t heard Mr. Frankie Sims is well known here in the city, most noted for being an accomplished businessman and former club owner noted for his success in the late nineties into the early 2000’s of the new millennium. You could not come to the A.N.D. during that period and not visit “Simone’s Dance Bar and Grill” the premiere hot spot here in the city for many years.


The A.N.D. Legend Frankie Jay along with his supportive and beautiful wifey Ms. Mona enjoy the evening together at the big show.

You may have heard some refer to it as “That thang on South Main” denoting its location nestled between the back side of the South-side and just at the forefront of the Homeland Park area on South Main St. here in the Southeast Anderson part of the city.

This fine sista from out of town by way of florida checked in & told me she really enjoyed the show that evening..

Popular PictureMan Dante Holloway can always be found at all the huge venues around the city..

For me that place holds a lot of fond memories, because I played there at certain times as a fill in Dj at times and I still vividly remember Frank telling me--- “alright Tuc play the music and leave out all that scratching.”  Oh yes I remember that well folks as I laugh about it now many years later. I also recall performing there in the capacity of an artist/producer/promoter back in 1998 with my then co-producer/emcee music partner CleoCool ChuckOliver. During those years we were introducing a young talented singer-song writer from the West-Side that went by the name of Catrina C

Veteran Dj Two Tons of Fun still can entertain any and all at any given time with the mic..

For all those who can remember, this all went down at Simone’s and a picture of Catrina’s CD cover can be found on the “back down memory lane A.N.D. style” page of this very website you are reading at the moment. 

Dj T-rock and Dj Grand Master D pose for this pic together that nite..

 Veteran icon Dj BiG Ike methodically surveys the dance floor before playing the next record..

Dj Frankie Jay is from whom I brorrow alot of my mic checking skills from as he displays in this shot how to motivate the crowd with a microphone..

But enough of the back-story right now but I needed to let all know that without Frankie Jay a large portion of my entertainment career and experience in the promotion game would be non-existent without him. The “Million Dollar Dj Funk-Fest” as it’s called now-a-days is a huge draw every time it’s held no matter the venue. But this particular time it was brought back to Cheers-n-Spiritz located in Belton, SC. The top-billing million dollar vintage jocks scheduled for this traditional summer event were the Duke of Soul aka Big Ike, Mr. Anderson Dj Fresh aka the scratch master, the Crowd Pleaser aka Dj Two Tons of Fun and last but not least Grandmaster T aka Dj Terry B was on deck. Notable mention and shouts go out from me personally (Dj Tuc) to Dj Doctor C, Dj Super Police and Dj Gary B.

 All the legendary Anderson jocks mentioned above all have different styles but I’ve learned so much from them about staying relevant and how to attain that elusive enduring longevity that most only dream of. 

The Definition of a Boomin System when the Million Dollar Jocks come  to town..

These dynamic old school four horseman Dj’s were draped in white shirts, as they all exemplified professionalism, mic checking skills, turntable wizardry, crowd control, and various mixing techniqcs  while merging different classic hit records from back in the day. Keep in mind they didn’t neglect their new skool audience who came out to support them also. Dj Terry-B operates like a master chef when mixing the new sound out to day with the old hits from decades ago. The Legendary BiG Ike was all smiles the entire night as my camera lens captured the Duke of Soul in raw form, I knew at that very moment I was in the presence of one of the A.N.D.’s great renaissance dj jocks. Dj T-Rockrocked” the crowd and his sisters with a surprise lip sync performance of R. Kelly’sStep in the name of Love” and dedicated it to his elder siblings, for all their support of his dee- jay career over the years. 

The Million Dollar Dj Veterans from L-R are BiG Ike, Frankie Jammin Jay, Dj Terry B, and Dj Fresh..

Dj T- Rock elder sisters Iris (L) and Donna (R) they enjoyed their surprise by seeing those smiles..
Dj T-Rock takes center stage in his performance dedicated to his sisters..Not many jocks are this multi-talented..

What makes T- Rock so different folks is he’s more than your average Dj that spins records he’s also a hell of an entertainer. He took time out to thank Frankie Jay in front of all the listeners for his early dj inspiration when he decided years ago, he wanted to become a jock.


The fellas just love a nice pair of legs in the summertime..
Sexy ladies were in the building in all sizes and shapes posing with the pictureman!!!

Veteran Dj Two Tons was in full effect with the mic on the dancefloor..

The “Jammin’ Slammin Jay” continues to be a true statesman and icon on the local entertainment scene here in the city of Anderson with a career that spans back to the late seventies he recently shared with me, and he still remembers his first house party.  A good example of this statesmanship I speak of for instance--is when I and a female companion began our entrance on our walk-thru the door. The Jammin Jay recognized me and hurried up-front to the establishments’ main entrance to quickly inform the security personnel that I was apart of his V.I.P. guest party for that evening. I mention this not because I consider myself to be anything special but to high-light the type of class, integrity, respect that he has shown me personally over the years, and many others will testify to the same or similar encounters with him.


True  Players came out to support and to enjoy the nite grown folks style meaning drama free..

The Dance Floor stayed packed as you can clearly see in this shot folks..
I call this shot Tuc and T-Rock as people always have us posing for pictures when we are out together at shows..

He has scolded me on occasion as I mentioned earlier in this article, but of course it made me a better over-all dj because it was he who drilled me on the art of “HOW TO READ YOUR CROWD” and I still use this technique when on the mic in front of large crowds today. 

Now many years later I give back and say “Thanks Frank” though I wasn’t in the million dollar dj record pool officially but just the same, I became one of your dj students from the A.N.D. and I’ve learned so much from you. I hope when you read this article that I didn’t let you and Mona down. So for now I ask all to enjoy the pictures from this fabulous and fantastic night.  Peace Dj Tuc the A.N.D. Representa the city’s new urban media.

 Please feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…


  1. Very Impressed!
    Lawana Thompson

  2. Thanks Lawana for the comment and your support. U know I been a classic man waaaay back in high school & before the song!! (LOL) appreciate ya.. Peace Dj Tuc


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