Jugg Money, Cartel Eastwood, and MsRKayBee Equals an A.N.D. Cinamatic Classic!!!

This Video is so creatively done and touching that it blew me away so much that I had to view it several times back to back after initially watching. Shouts out to Carlos Willingham again for bringing this video to my attention at work. Dope vid for real!! Also a special shout out to all the friends, family, fans and supporters of the late "Jugg Money" around the city. MsRKayBee keep working that camera I support real talent and you got it 4sho! Cartel Eastwood keep grinding partna you know Tuc got much respect for your musical work around the A.N.D. come thru again let's talk music once more. Anyone that knows me knows I've always supported local artist around the city, whether on the Mic or helping them to promote their music if I like it. We got so much talent here and have had it for years. We just need to support each other ya feel me, nothing new for me I've been doing it since the 90's. Aint nothing change but my age. (lol) Check my track record my work speaks for itself.  A.N.D. let's Ride I do it for yall and remember always support your own. Peace  da A.N.D. Veteran Representa Dj Tuc

My readers know my flavor please feel free to post your thoughts and comments below if you would like, the choice is yours....


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