Kandaddy Productions Post Show Update

Update: Most of the city over the last month has heard in some shape or fashion about  Kandaddy and Kandaddy Productions the new upstart music collective via his massive promotion campaign over the last month or so. As Kandaddy promised everyone he would bring a hype energetic cogent show of talent, I can say honestly he delivered on all his promises. At Club Cognac last weekend his skeptics and detractors were silenced cementing that he along with his team is about handling biz. He didn’t receive the numbers that he initially anticipated but he did get the support from a lot of friend’s and family that make up his grassroots base. The audience screamed to show their support for his artist and their sensational showmanship on stage which I even had to admit really impressed me. The sound system sounded primed and really crisp thanks to the A.N.D.’s own underground dope producer the “Trak Addict”. The addict engineered the boards at the preshow warm up(video at bottom) making sure the bass was in your face and as Salt N Pepa would say on one of their classic records as I remember “My Mic Sounds Nice”. Shout out to the Addict because he definitely had everybody’s Mic sounding real nice including mine folks.


 Oh yeah can’t forget to let you know that he also was djing in between the show sets and performed a superb job while Kandaddy made sure that all of his artist show sets went over smoothly. Smoke (1/3 of the infamous Baddazis) jumped on stage from time to time to help out his younger label mates entertain the crowd keeping everything on point utilizing his veteran presence and skill. The kandy man laid it all on the line he brought free food, with a host of kandaddy productions fan memorabilia, and a artist who came as far as Cincinnati ,Ohio called  Faze who is liken unto a Eminem flow ill spittin kat. Other artist like Caution, K4G, and the engine of the Kandaddy crew called HEMI really crunk the stage up. These  electrifying artist really held their own but what I really liked about the Kandaddy Family is how they all seemed to support each other. That caught my eye the most, above and beyond anything else that I observed during their performances. 

Shout out to Step from Skylatics.com he was in the house as the videographer  for this highly hyped event, you will see him on stage filming in some of the footage Im about to feature from the show. My ending thoughts are for those who slept on Kandaddy and his family you just got your wakeup call last Saturday, the show was professional, intense with good stage presence and talented hard working artist. In the music business it’s not always about what you’ve done but what you’re doing right now!!! Not to sound like Janet Jackson but the metaphor applies so well here “What have you done for me lately”? And lately Kandaddy and his production squad just put on one hell of a show putting their money certainly where their mouth was. Check out some the footage captured from the event…….Reporting Live from the A.N.D. Peace Out Anpu aka Dj Tuc…


  1. Thanks Much to the amazing Dj Tuc for the great words as well, as his Big brother advice.
    Kandaddy Productions will forever be thankful for all his services he has provide us with.
    Even when u do a real brother wrong, he can forgive u and you can still go forward with ur ass.
    Well Dj Tuc is that brother. im always will be in debt to u bro. Kandaddy Ceo of Kandaddy Productions.

  2. Kandy Man appreciate it, I do my best when at a show. Thanks for the kind words & for checking in. Keep it popping 4sho...Peace Tuc


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